The facility is in the middle of the peaceful Gialtra gulf, in the foothill of Telethron mountain. Either you wish to spend a weekend or the whole season Aedipsos is an exceptional destination; ideal for keeping calm or having fun. Wonderful beaches (both private and busy ones), forests, nightlife and a great number of alternative options are only few of the Aedipsos’s features, that a visitor can benefit from throughout the year.


The north part of the Evia island is considered to be the most beautiful one, and indeed the landscape offers breathtaking views to the green gardens and the impressive mountains and excellent opportunities to muse and bird watch.


Aedipsos is a great place to live. It’s not just another touristic destination; it’s a vivid place, where everyone can integrate and have a great time. It’s a place to calm down, relax and, particularly during July and August, have fun!




Nightlife here is equal to the one in the big cities. A wide range of bars and pubs, live concerts and other public events offer you plenty of possibilities to have fun. While during the previous years Aedipsos was famous mostly because of its spas, which used to attract a great number of elderly visitors, now its nightlife, combined with numerous restaurants, taverns and bistros have transformed it into a place that welcomes thousands of young tourists.


Insider tips


The coastline from St.Nikolaos to Lihadonisia hides unique private beaches that will excite you.



Excursions – walks:




Month Average
January 12 C - 53 F
February 13 C - 55 F
March 16 C - 60 F
April 19 C - 66 F
May 25 C - 77 F
June 29 C - 84 F
July 32 C - 89 F
August 32 C - 89 F
September 28 C - 82 F
October 23 C - 73 F
November 18 C - 64 F
December 14 C - 57 F

Greece has a warm, Mediterranean climate. Since the climate of Aedipsos is dry, it offers the ideal conditions for spa tourism but also for a pleasant holiday.

  The sunshine is intense during summer and spring, fading out until early winter.

  Below you can find some measurements of average temperatures, humidity and sunshine throughout the year:

Month Humidity (%) Sunshine (days)
May 60,2 27,4
June 54,6 28,6
August 53,1 30,6
September 55,0 30,8
October 58,2 29,4
November 67,5 24,3
Data: Chalkida meteo station